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  • Registered charities - we offer a discount to charities registered with the Charity Commission (in England and Wales), or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (with the exception of Universities and other exempted charities, Schools, Social enterprises, Local Authorities or private companies). If you have any queries about your eligibility for this rate, places call us on 02076974200.
  • Number of licences - this website is accessible by password and can be used on any computer with Internet access. However a different licence is needed for each individual user. An organisation with only one individual using the site will require one licence, regardless of whether they have access to the site at home and various offices.

12 Month Subscription Levels

Subscription type Registered Charity Standard
1 User License £350 + VAT (£420) £495 + VAT (£594)
2-5 User License £435 + VAT (£522) £655 + VAT (£786)
6-10 User License £580 + VAT (£696) £870 + VAT (£1,044)
11-15 User License £810 + VAT (£972) £1,180 + VAT (£1,416)

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If you require a licence for more than 15 users, please contact DSC directly on 02076974200.If you have a special promo code you will be asked to enter it along with your full details when you place your subscription.You may pay by credit/debit card or request an invoice (you will receive a password once payment is received).
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