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Scholarship Search

www.scholarship-search.org.uk provides information on trusts which give grants to postgraduates. You answer two or three basic questions about what you're looking for and they will give you the details of relevant trusts.

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Skill – National Bureau for Students with Disabilities

Skill, Chapter House, 1820 Crucifix Lane, London SE1 3JW
(Tel & Minicom: 020 7450 0620; Fax: 020 7450 0650; e-mail: skill@skill.org.uk; Website: www.skill.org.uk).

Skill in Scotland, Norton Park, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QY
(Tel & Minicom: 0131 475 2348; Fax: 0131 475 2349; e-mail: admin@skillscotland.org.uk).

Skill in Northern Ireland, Unit 2, Jennymount Court, North Derby Street, Belfast BT15 3HN
(Tel & Minicom: 01232 287000; Fax: 01232 287007; e-mail: admin@skillni.demon.co.uk).

Skill is a national charity which promotes opportunities for young people and adults with any kind of disability in post-16 education, training and employment across the UK. It gives advice on opportunities, facilities and financial assistance available for students with disabilities and produces a range of information sheets and publications.

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