A to Z of funding (O)


One-off grants

A single lump sum (say £50) which is paid by cheque/postal order either direct to the applicant, to the welfare agency applying on the persons behalf, or to another suitable third party. No more help will be considered until the applicant has submitted a new application, and trusts are usually unwilling to give more than one such grant per person per year.

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Overseas students

For advice, information and resources (including sources of funding http://ukscholarshipsdatabase.britishcouncil.org/) for international students visit the website of the British Council http://www.britishcouncil.org/education/index.htm.

The Department for International Development (part of the UK government) have some funding available. Their website is www.dfid.gov.uk.

Atlantic Pacific Project Group (APPGROUP) make grants to students in certain developing countries for education in the developed world, their website is www.appgroup.org or e-mail them at information@appgroup.org.

Each university should have a careers service and a student support department, either of which should have details of potential sources of funding. Details of funds available are sometimes listed somewhere on the university's website.

www.scholarship-search.org.uk provides information on trusts which give grants to postgraduates. You answer two or three basic questions about what you're looking for and they will give you the details of relevant trusts.

The Higher Education Careers Service Unit produces a Postgraduate Funding Guide as part of their Prospects service. You can get details of this from their website (www.prospects.csu.ac.uk). If you don't have internet access you could ring them on 0161 236 9816.

Macmillan produces a book, The Grants Register, which lists over 3,500 potential sources of funding for postgraduate students worldwide. This guide is quite expensive (£125), so its probably worth visiting a reference library or a careers service to see a copy.

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